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While most of the Jasper jewelry found in ancient Egypt was green, and at the time was considered comparable to Jade by ancient royalty, Jasper is an opaque form of Quartz that actually comes in a great variety of colors including gold, blue, purple, red, brown, black and white. The word Jasper is derived from the French jaspre meaning “spotted stone, and it is certainly more difficult to find large bits of it that are of a solid color than the multi-colored marbled, spotted, and striped variety as the name suggests. Jasper is closely related to Agate as they are both formed from the same materials, but the major difference is that Jasper is more opaque.







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More: Types, States and Stages of Jasper

Raw (as from the ground)

Color Variance: Black and White Marbled

Uncut, Polished

Color Variance: Brown, Tan, and Red

Tumbled, Lightly Polished

Color Variance: White / Off-White

Cut, Smoothed, & Polished

Color Variance: White and Green